Studio Kromble aims to deliver quality products that you can cherish for many years to come. Not only in our own designs, but also in certain projects that people request from us. If you have something special to you that needs repair, or have in mind something special that you don’t know how to make, Studio Kromble can do it for you. Here are some of our projects to illustrate our capabilities.

A mug fit for a barber.


When Michel Jacobs came to us he had a clear cut assignment for us. As a man of good taste and very snappy style, he wanted a special kind of shaving mug that he could use while shaving his clients. He was looking for something that sparked joy for him. Something crafted by hand, that was also durable and had a story of its own. This mug could be a conversation piece for Michel. An item that clients notice and want to know more about, engaged by its beauty and customised nature. The piece we came up with was a big shaving mug that first and foremost had better ergonomic aspects than other shaving mugs. A high and wide top rim that tapers inwards toward the center, to create an edge where you can decently take off excess foam from the brush. The mug was finished in matte black with gold accenting for an elegant subtle look with distinguishing details. A reflection of Michel Jacobs himself. Master barber, retired athlete, entrepreneur, a true bon vivant.